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  "Down to earth with our head in the clouds" – this is what HANS MARS the Zurich based Communications Agency stands for.  
  With our hands on attitude, the HANS MARS experienced team works in partnership with our clients to create innovative, visionary and truly successful communication strategies.

HANS MARS aims high in every regard, building effective communication for all of our clients, both large and small to suit your budget and goal.
  If you aim to be amongst the market leaders in your respective field and want to communicate this to your target audience, well, we think we can help!

At HANS MARS we have built our business in the belief that creativity and unique strategic insight provide the cornerstones for leadership in communication. These are the reasons we created HANS MARS, why we love it, why our clients love it and why you might just love it, too!

In the future with projects like the HANS MARS SHOP, we will take our unique approach to business (and life in general) even further…